The Other Adventure Begins
The hired hands arrive in Freehold

Three fresh hires, Etaine, a human figther, Kosef, a human cleric, and Mountainfoot, a human cleric, arrive in the coastal town of Freehold. They meet their employer, a human in his mid thirties by the name of Relo. Along with his two assistants, Toraw, a half-orc, and Faral, a half-elf, he runs the Freehold chapter of the Kalaheir Merchant Collective who have hired the adventurers to explore ruins on the eastern isle of Zalk in search of antiques to sell to the upper classes in the home country.

Along with the addition of local storyteller and slightly crazy person, Zaz (fondly referred to as the Burbler), they set sail for the isle, intent on tracking down its treasures.

The Adventure Begins
The party meets up in Westport

After being contracted by the Elbian Historical Society to recover Old Empire relics, Korinn and Lucious meet Elros and Wralf in Westport at the conclusion of their long voyage. After purchasing supplies and some hijinx with the locals the party set out to the isle of Ilb to search for the Old Empire Relics.


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