Kosef Dotsk

A Krasnoyarskan Paladin


Lawful Good Paladin under the Oath of Devotion
The Tenants of Devotion are:
1) Honesty
2) Courage
3) Honor
4) Duty

Kosef yields a Morningstar most of the time, but also carries a number of Javelins for when ranged attacks are necessary. He carries a shield with his holy emblem of Jmaasia engraved on it. He has been trained well with the Morningstar through his time in the Navy and has a +2 bonus to damage rolls with it.


Kosef Dotsk hails from the city of Irkutsk on the island nation of Krasnoyarsk.

Childhood –
Mother was a member of the Navy and served for several years – almost my entire childhood. I didn’t get to see her much, since she would often be gone for months on end for duty. My Father ran a local boating shop on the island and would sometimes solicit my help doing boring work around the shop. He taught me everything I needed to know about ships, navigation, and the sea. I was grateful for this, but I never really enjoyed what my father did. Instead, I liked to spend my free time with my grandfather – the local medicine man. He was a wise man and a strong healer and I always felt a special bond with his teachings. One day, when I was 15, my Father was out fishing for one of our holy festivals. While he was out fishing, Pirates attacked him, killing my Father and burning his boat. With my Mother still serving the Navy, she wanted me to run the shop. I told her how I felt about the business, so we decided to sell the shop to someone else on the island. I then took up an official apprenticeship with my Grandfather and worked with him for three years, until I was 18. Now a man, and inspired by my Mother, I decided to join the Navy and use the skills that I knew best to serve the greater good and try to protect the world from the evils that killed my Father.

In the Navy…
I served in the Navy for eight years and had a tour in the war against the Kingdom of Mauviette. I served my fellow sailors well by being able to heal them as well hold my own in battle. Here I further honed my sailing skills and enjoyed my connection to the sea. During my time abroad, I got a tattoo on the side of my face to show that I am a true warrior of my people. After eight years of service, I was given an honorable discharge.

Post Navy -
After about a month of time away from the Navy, I knew that I needed something to give me purpose. I did some traveling and was in Calihare when I heard about the quest offer from the Guild. I decided this would be a good way to get back into the action and I signed up for whatever adventure they might provide.

Kosef Dotsk

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