Mr. Esquire

Noble originally from South Elba


Near his late 40s, Mr. Esquire is a well-kempt South Elban gentleman. His facial hair went gray long before the hair on his head giving him a distinguished look. He stand near average height for a man and is known to walk with a cane (for appearances).


Born into nobility, Mr. Esquire grew up in the lap of South Elban luxury. From a young age his father say he had a knack for business and set him in charge of managing their expansive system cotton plantations. Output and quality of the cotton grew and with it the wealth and power of the name Esquire. Three years after he took the role as head of the household (with the death of his father), Mr. Esquire suddenly and without apparent reason sold his family’s estates and plantations and left for Kingsmeadow in the Calderan Islands. It wasn’t until the next year that the local populace understood why; a particularly dry season came and reduced the cotton yields drastically. With his supply in reserve, Mr. Esquire made a fortune on the increased cotton prices. With the revenue he generated from the sale of his estate and the cotton he built a luxurious manor in Kingsmeadow and largest system of vineyards seen anywhere outside of Droll. The wine had a unique flavor of sweetness and a quality that was unmatched leading to the saying “Sweet as an Esquire.” Today he spends his time managing the affairs of his many investments and vineyards as well as holding elaborate, and sometimes debaucherous , parties for anyone he deems worthy of a good time.

Mr. Esquire

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